iPhone XR Price Reduced by $100 in Japan on Two-Year Contracts

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 26 Nov 2018

iPhone XR side profile

As a WSJ report had pointed out last week, Apple has reduced the price of the iPhone XR by $100 in Japan. The discount is applicable for new customers who purchase the device on a 2-year contract from NTT Docomo.

Thanks to the discount, the iPhone XR will now set users back by 24,000 yen on a 2-year contract instead of 36,000 yen. This is excluding the monthly carrier fees that one has to pay for their line. With a contract, the iPhone XR with 64GB of storage will cost users around 7000 yen ($62) monthly.

While not yet announced, others carriers are also expected to go ahead and announce a price cut on the iPhone XR.

Apple has seemingly reduced the prices of iPhone XR in Japan to help spur its sales. Japan is an incredibly important market for Apple, with the iPhone commanding over 50 percent of the market share. Despite a strong market presence, Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup has not done particularly well in the region. In fact, the WSJ report claimed that iPhone 8 continues to outsell the iPhone XR in the country. So, Apple has gone ahead and reduced the price of the iPhone XR to help boost its sales and increase its adoption among consumers.

Our Take

Apple is unlikely to reduce the prices of the iPhone XR worldwide to spur its sales. Instead, the company is lowering the price of the handset through various marketing schemes in some key markets and for others where the iPhone X continues to do well, it is restarting production of the device to meet its demand.

The iPhone XR was expected to do well in developing countries and parts of Asia. However, with smartphone sales slowing and the relatively high price tag of the device, it has failed to live up to expectations. Due to this, Apple has also had to reduce the production of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

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