iPhone XR Tidbits: No Gigabit LTE, Better Battery Life than iPhone XS Max, More

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 23 Oct 2018

The first set of iPhone XR reviews are out and they reveal quite a bit about Apple’s $749 iPhone. There’s a lot to like about the iPhone XR — in fact, it is the iPhone to buy. However, to reach its $749 price point, Apple has had to make a few compromises as well.

The first set of iPhone XR reviews reveal plenty of interesting tidbits about the device as well — things which Apple never got around to revealing. Below is a quick roundup of them.

iPhone XR Tidbits


  • Just like the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR also comes with a display that is curved on its edges. Unlike the iPhone XS though, the iPhone XR does not come with an OLED display. Instead, Apple uses an LCD panel which it calls Liquid Retina. To curve the display properly and hide the backlight, Apple has had to do a lot of custom engineering.

“Apple built little apertures for the pixels around the corners of the XR display to mask some of the light coming through, on top of antialiasing the curve in software. It’s a neat example of Apple’s attention to detail.”

  • There’s no 3D Touch on the iPhone XR. Instead, it has Haptic Touch which is essentially a “long press with haptic feedback.”
  • Apple is working on expanding Haptic Touch support to more parts of iOS.
  • Unlike other Android OEMs, Apple has paid attention to detail and ensured the rounded display corners of the iPhone XR matches the rounded edges of the device itself.
  • Despite all of Apple’s claims, the LCD panel of the iPhone XR is simply not as good as the OLED panel of the iPhone X or iPhone XS.
  • The Liquid Retina display lacks support for HDR or Dolby Vision.
  • Similar to OLED panels, the LCD panel has an off-axis color shift and shimmer.
  • The bezels on the iPhone XR are slightly larger than the iPhone XS and they are definitely noticeable.

Build Quality, Connectivity, Wireless Charging, Battery Life

  • The iPhone XR features an aluminum chassis like the iPhone 8 series from last year.
  • The rear glass on the iPhone XR is the older one which Apple used on the iPhone X.
  • The front glass panel, however, is the new one which Apple claims is the “most durable” one ever.
  • As of now, Apple is not selling any first-party cases for the iPhone XR.
  • There’s no Gigabit LTE support on the iPhone XR. Apart from slower LTE speeds, this also means poor network connectivity.
  • The iPhone XR offers the same faster wireless charging experience as its iPhone XS brethren.
  • Most reviews claim the iPhone XR offers better — or as good — battery life than the iPhone XS Max.
  • To avoid antenna interference, Apple did not offer a battery case for the iPhone X.


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