AptBackup Takes Backup of Jailbreak Apps

BY Jason

Published 29 Sep 2008

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Whenever you upgrade to the latest firmware version there is no
issue syncing the iPhone apps downloaded from the App Store as iTunes
takes care of taking backups
and syncing it for you after a firmware

However, in case of the jailbreak apps, the painful part of upgrading to the latest firmware is that
you also need to start from scratch and reinstall all your favorite
jailbreak iPhone apps one by one via the Installer app or Cydia.

AptBackup developed by Chris Featherstone is trying to address this problem,
its a backup and restore solution for Cydia-installed iPhone

Its a vicious cycle, Apple releases a new firmware version, iPhone
hacking community figures out a way to jailbreak the latest firmware,
iPhone users upgrade to the latest firmware version which  removes all their jailbreak apps, then they use the hacking tools to jailbreak their iPhone and then
reinstall all their favorite jailbreak apps one by one via Cydia.

AptBackup developed by BigBoss is a backup and restore solution for Cydia-installed iPhone
applications which should make it a lot easier and faster to reinstall your favorite jailbreak apps.

AptBackup doesn’t actually create a backup of the native iPhone apps, instead it creates a list of all the Cydia-installed iPhone apps on your iPhone and takes a backup of this list via iTunes which is later restored after the firmware update. It uses this list of all the Cydia-installed iPhone applications that was backed up to re-install all the applications automatically.

The user interface of AptBackup is also quite simple. You can follow these instructions before upgrading your jailbroken iPhone to the latest firmware:

  • Install AptBackup via Cydia, you can find it under System section (BigBoss source).
  • To backup the Cydia installed jailbreak apps, tap on the "Backup" button which will create the list of apps.
  • Then sync the iPhone with iTunes so that the list gets synced to iTunes.
  • After updating your iPhone to the latest iPhone firmware, jailbreak it and reinstall AptBackup again via Cydia.
  • Launch AptBackup and click "Restore" to reinstall the Cydia installed applications based on the list that was backed up using iTunes.

iPhone App - AptBackup

However, its important to note here that unlike iTunes, AptBackup does not restore any of the application specific data nor can it restore application settings.

We would love to hear your feedback on this backup and restore iPhone app for your jailbroken

[via Simon’s Blog]


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