iPhone Firmware 2.0 is now officially available again

BY Jason

Published 11 Jul 2008

iPhone firmware 2.0 is now available

iPhone firmware 2.0 is now officially available again and the problems iPhone users faced earlier seem to have been resolved.

However, folks at Mac Rumors have noticed something interesting so in case you were one of those who updated your iPhone with firmware 2.0 using the link that got leaked out yesterday then it would be a good idea to give this post a read.

Though iPhone firmware 2.0 released officially by Apple today (referred as "iPhone1,1") has the same build number  as compared to the firmware that was leaked yesterday (referred as "iPhone1,2"), the file sizes and the iPhone model designation are different.

As I had mentioned yesterday it is being rumored that "iPhone1,2" firmware that was leaked yesterday was only intended for use on the iPhone 3G.

So to be sure that you have the official firmware running on your iPhone, it is recommended that all readers who upgraded to (possibly) the pre-release firmware to take the time to upgrade to the official firmware.

Its important to note that there is a possibility to lose data with a firmware update, so you should take a backup of your iPhone before you start. Mac Rumors has published a simple procedure below to upgrade (downgrade, technically) to the official firmware just like you performed the manual upgrade yesterday with the leaked firmware. You need to follow these steps:

1. Sync your iPhone with iTunes to make sure all data is backed up.
2. Download iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw (Official firmware). You should get a single ".ipsw" file. If your browser renames it to a .zip file, you should rename it to ".ipsw"
3. In iTunes click on the "Check for Updates" while holding the Option key on the Mac (Shift key on Windows)
4. Select the firmware you downloaded in step #2
5. Wait for your iPhone to update and restore.

In case you are worried about the applications you have downloaded, then you need not worry as all your iPhone apps also get moved over and should be in running condition. In case you have any issues with the applications, you can simply delete the application and re-download it from the App Store as Apple allows you to re-download any application for free.

Jenna and Sam, thanks for the tip.

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[via Mac Rumors]


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