Kuo: iPhone 12 Will Not Ship with Power Adapter and EarPods in Retail Box

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 28 Jun 2020

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in his latest investor note claims that Apple will not be bundling EarPods or a power adapter with the iPhone 12 thereby corroborating what Barclays analyst claimed last week. While rumors have previously indicated that Apple could possibly not include EarPods in the retail box of the iPhone 12, reports surrounding the devices not coming with a power adapter are picking up pace now.

The analyst claims that instead of bundling a power adapter, Apple intends to sell a 20W USB-C adapter as an optional accessory to customers. Plenty of Android OEMs have stopped bundling earphones with their devices, but this will perhaps be the first time that a smartphone maker ends up not bundling a power adapter itself.

Kuo says that Apple wants to sell the iPhone 12 lineup at a price point similar to the existing iPhone 11 lineup. However, with the BOM cost going up due to the addition of 5G, A14 Bionic chip, and other improvements, Apple is looking to cut down in other areas to help reach the target.

If Apple indeed ends up going with this move, it would definitely end up receiving some criticism from customers, though the company has taken bold decisions like this before. This move from Apple could very well set a precedent that other Android OEMs could end up following suit as well. Additionally, this could lead to even wider adoption of wireless charging which has already seen an uptick in adoption ever since Apple added it to its iPhone X lineup.

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