Hands-On Video of Leaked Next-Gen iPhone Metal Back Panel

BY Jason

Published 7 Jun 2012

We’ve seen photos and a video of the purported next generation iPhone front panel, which have corroborated rumors that the sixth generation iPhone will come with a taller 4-inch display.

Now, folks at parts reseller – ETradeSupply have published a hands-on video with the purported next generation iPhone back panel.

Just like the photos, the hands-on video of the leaked next generation iPhone metal back casing reveals the following details:

  • A large portion of the back panel is made out of metal and the remaining part seems to be made of glass, which gives it a two-tone effect.
  • The next generation iPhone will get a metal antenna band like iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but in case of the sixth generation iPhone, it seems to be moulded with the metal back panel
  • The position of the headphone jack has moved from the top to the bottom, next to the speakers
  • It has the rumored smaller dock connector
  • The speakers grills have been redesigned
Check out the hands-on video below:
If these leaked parts turn out to be the real deal, then the design of the next generation iPhone would be incremental rather than an all-new design that we’re expecting.
You can check out this post to watch the video of the purported next generation iPhone front panel.
What do you think of the possibility of the next generation iPhone with a metal back panel?