New Logitech Powered 3-In-1 Wireless Dock Can Simultaneously Charge iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 11 Mar 2020

Apple left a void in wireless charging space after canceling AirPower charger. Companies like Anker, Logitech, Mophie, and others are trying to fill the void with new wireless chargers. Logitech has launched Powered 3-in-1 Dock capable of charging Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone simultaneously.

Logitech’s new 3-in-1 Dock doesn’t come cheap at $129.99. However, it looks aesthetically pleasing and is something that would look adoring on your work table. Talking about features, the dock comes with two wireless charging zones, a flatbed for AirPods and a stand meant for iPhone. The Apple Watch charger protrudes out of the phone stand and allows you to charge all the three devices in a single go.

Logitech’s new wireless charger dock is Qi-certified and this means you can use it with other devices that support Qi wireless charging. However, Apple uses proprietary technology for charging Apple Watch and this means the charger cannot be used with other smartwatches.

Moving on, Logitech’s 3-in-1 Dock supports charging speeds of up to 7.5W for Apple and 9W for Samsung. As mentioned earlier, the new wireless charger is priced premium as opposed to its competition. Logitech seems to be charging a premium for the design which in my opinion is justified.

Logitech has also announced two standalone wireless chargers. The stand styled wireless charger for iPhone is priced at $59.99 while the flat wireless charging pad is priced at $39.99. The Logitech wireless charging dock uses a proprietary connector and this is a glaring disadvantage as opposed to other wireless chargers that offer USB-C or Micro-USB. The wireless charging dock will be available starting next month.

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[via Logitech]