Los Angeles Government Allows Residents to Add COVID Vaccination Proof to Apple Wallet

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 29 Dec 2020

covid vaccination apple wallet

Los Angeles government and a health startup Healthvana have partnered to digitalize COVID-19 vaccination.

The Los Angeles county and Healthvana have partnered to add COVID-19 vaccination proof to the Apple Wallet app. Health workers are currently using the Healthvana app in L.A. to deliver COVID-19 test results to the patients.

In the United States, each person has to get two shots of vaccination to make sure a person is fully vaccinated. Healthvana is currently keeping a track of those who have had their first shot and are due for their second shot. People will receive a notification on their Apple Wallet app as and when they’re ready to be vaccinated. After the person gets the second shot of the vaccine, the Apple Wallet app will be updated to show that the person is fully vaccinated.

Bloomberg has reported that this virtual ticket will give the recipients a way to verify that they have been vaccinated. This will make the process of verifying a person faster for officials at the airports or events and save time for them to check each and every person manually.

LA government plans to send the data to Healthvana each night. Healthvana says that the data is stored in a secure AWS server. Though the county is also preparing a paper card in case of a data breach, or the server fails.

Apple, earlier this year, ruled out COVID-19 related apps from the App Store that weren’t from recognized entities. Later, Apple and Google partnered to bring COVID-19 contact tracing technology.

What’s Your Take?

With everyone having smartphones in their hands, it’s only logical for the government to start taking advanced vaccination steps.

Have you got yourself vaccinated? Did you get an alert on the Apple Wallet app? Let us know in the comment section below!