Leaked Photo of Low-cost ‘iPhone 5C’ packaging?

BY Jason

Published 28 Jul 2013


Apple has been widely rumored to launch a low-cost or budget iPhone with a plastic rear shell alongside iPhone 5S.

We’ve already seen several photos and videos of rear shell of the plastic iPhone, and what appeared to be a fully-assembled plastic iPhone.

Japanese blog Macotakara now points us to a photo that was posted on WeiPhone forums of what appears to be a bin full of  “iPhone 5C” packaging, which appears to be made of plastic, rather than the cardboard, which has been used for all the iPhones so far.

If the packaging indeed belongs to yet-to-be-launched budget iPhone, then it the naming convention is interesting. As 9to5Mac points out the “C” could stand for “Color” as it is expected to be available in multiple colors, or “plastiC” or “polyCarbonate” as the rear shell is most likely going to be made of it, or “Cheap,” since it is the low-cost iPhone (but not the best marketing strategy).

iLounge had claimed that Apple’s budget iPhone will be called “iPhone 5C”. If Apple ends up launching a budget iPhone, and ends up calling it iPhone 5C then it is possible that it will discontinue iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S when it launches iPhone 5S as some rumors have suggested.

The Onion has their own logic: