M1 MacBook Air Faster Than 16-inch MacBook Pro in Geekbench Benchmarks

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 12 Nov 2020

When Apple unveiled the M1 Apple Silicon chip at its ‘One more thing’ event earlier this week, it talked a lot about its performance efficiency. The company made claims of the M1 chip inside the MacBook Air being faster than 98% of the laptops sold in the last year, though it did not provide any benchmarks for reference. Now, the Geekbench scores of the M1 MacBook Air have surfaced online and it looks like Apple’s claims are pretty much spot on.

In Geekbench’s single-core benchmark, the M1 MacBook Air scored 1687 and 7433 in the multi-core tests. These scores make the $999 M1 MacBook Air faster than the 16-inch MacBook Pro and every other consumer Mac including the 10-core 2020 27-inch iMac. And adding insult to injury, the M1 MacBook Air does not have an active cooling system as well. The 1687 single-core score itself is one of the highlights of the M1 chip as it is higher than any other Intel CPU used inside Macs that tend to score around 800-1000 points in the benchmark.

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M1 MacBook Air Geekbench score

The Mac mini with M1 chip scored 1682 in Geekbench’s single-core test and earned a multi-core score of 7067. The benchmark also reveals that the base frequency of the M1 chip inside the MacBook Air is 3.2GHz, something which Apple did not talk about during its event.

Going by these benchmark scores, the M1 chip truly seems to be head and shoulders above any Intel CPU in the market right now. High-end Intel-based Macs might offer better I/O and GPU performance since they have a dedicated GPU but given Apple’s rapid pace of development, even that advantage is unlikely to last for a long time.

[Via MacRumors]