MagSafe Battery Pack Prototype Images Surface Online, Reveal Interesting Details

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 5 Jan 2022

Images of the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack from when it was in a development stage have surfaced online. Understandably, the design is different from the product on store shelves today, but it lends a unique insight into Apple’s development process.

Images of the MagSafe Battery Pack prototype were shared by Twitter user ArchiveInternal. Some of the immediately apparent differences to the retail version we see today are the use of a glossy white plastic shell and different rear surface material. Additionally, the prototype’s identifier information is printed on the side, and the LED is on the rear instead of on the bottom.

The prototype doesn’t even have an embossed MagSafe alignment ring. Instead, a circular ring is faintly visible as a telltale sign of the built-in MagSafe technology. It is likely that the prototype pictured lacks the rubberized layer that we see on the production version of the MagSafe Battery Pack.

Judging by the placement of the LED indicator, we believe this was an early prototype because once attached, the light would not be visible. The LED has been moved to the bottom adjacent to the Lightning port on the production version.

This isn’t the first instance of an Apple prototype with a peculiarly positioned LED indicator. An internal sample of the original AirPods also had an LED indicator inside the case, rendering it useless if the case was closed. Another interesting internal prototype that recently surfaced online was a pair of AirPods with a translucent shell.

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What do you think about Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack? Do you find the prototype more appealing? Tell us in the comments section below.