Report: New Apple TV Coming Next Year with Focus on Gaming

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 24 Dec 2020

apple tv 4k

Mark Gurman, a popular Apple leaker and Bloomberg reporter, has reaffirmed that Apple has some big plans for Apple TV next year.

In his blog post on Bloomberg, Mark went into the depths of how Apple has not ‘entertained’ the device over the past five years. He said that in the middle of the holiday season, and the pandemic, “the Apple TV should be having a moment. It’s not.”

Apple hasn’t really focused on the device since 2015. The last time Apple TV was updated, in 2017, the only major update to the device was the 4K support. Since then, Apple has released new software for its tvOS every now and then, but it’s not enough to compete in the market.

Mark notes, “there’s also the issue of price.” The latest Apple TV 4K costs $180. Google’s latest Chromecast and Amazon’s smallest Fire  Stick are available for just $50. And then, there’s also an issue of ‘exclusivity.’ The price would have been justified if Apple offered its streaming service — Apple TV+ — only on Apple TV. But, with every streaming service available on every device, Apple has had to release TV+ apps for Google TV with Chromecast, and even Xbox and Sony’s PlayStations.

Even though Apple’s streaming box has some perks, like access to Apple Fitness+, Apple Arcade gaming service, and iCloud photo library, it’s hard to justify Apple TV’s price.

Concluding his report, Mark said that Apple is indeed “planning an upgraded box with a stronger gaming focus, an updated remote, and a new processor.” He notes

The product will need to take another big leap—akin to its 2015 changes—to remain competitive in the long term. Either that or it needs to get a lot cheaper.

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