MFi-Certified Lightning to USB-C Cables May Arrive in Early 2019

BY Evan Selleck

Published 4 Dec 2018

Apple's own Lightning to USB-C cable

There has been a lot of talk about Apple finally allowing third-party accessory manufacturers to launch Made for iPhone-certified Lightning to USB-C cables. And we may finally be approaching a launch date.

Back in September it was reported that Apple had informed third-party accessory makers, at least those within the Made for iPhone (MFi) program, that plans were in motion to allow them to launch their own Lightning to USB-C cables. However, at the time, details were light, with only an expected release date of “sometime in 2019” penciled in. Now, a new report indicates that Apple is making new strides towards this impending launch.

Apple reportedly informed the MFi program members last week that Lightning to USB-C cables, which are capable of charging and syncing a device, are available to manufacture. Those program members can now order the integral part for these cables, the Lightning connector part C94, which means they can launch the cables in the near future.

The third-party accessory manufacturers should be able to start working with this new part by sometime in the middle of January of 2019. That may mean we could see new Lightning to USB-C cables from the likes of Incipio, Belkin, and Anker by March of next year, if not a bit sooner.

The benefits here are hopefully in potential pricing. Apple currently sells the 1 meter cable of its own for $19, while the two-meter cable retails for $35. When third-party accessory makers can finally enter the market, their cables might be priced a bit cheaper. However, considering they are MFi-certified, this means their cables will still meet Apple’s reliability and performance standards.

For those waiting for the third-party Lightning to USB-C cables, it looks like the wait is almost over.

[via MacRumors]