More Next Generation iPhone Parts Revealed; Rendered In 5 Different Colors

BY Andy

Published 23 May 2010

More white iPhone rumors

Soon after the Chinese website TaoBao published pictures of a white colored iPhone 4G front panel, another site appears to have got hold of similar next generation iPhone parts. The iPhone repair site, UBreakiFix has now published pictures of what they claim are front panels of the next generation iPhone.

The pictures showcase the iPhone HD front panels in both black and white colors. 

The latest pictures from UBreakiFix are pretty similar to the ones published on TaoBao. For instance, you may notice the tiny slit above the earpiece slot that we had noted in the earlier pictures as well. UBreakiFix claims this tiny slit to be a housing for the iPhone's proximity sensor. 

More white iPhone rumors

More white iPhone rumors

A slit for a proximity sensor is interesting because this is pretty different to what we have seen in the current iPhone model. You may note that the proximity sensor for iPhone 3GS is hidden under the glass and is not visible in most cases. It is not entirely clear why Apple may have offered a more visible proximity sensor in the new iPhone 4G model. 

This is not the first time we have noticed the tiny slit though. In February this year, iResQ – an iPhone repair site – had published pictures of an iPhone 4G casing that revealed a slit above the earpiece slot. Incidentally, the slit was rumored to be used by the ambient light sensor at that point.

If you liked the artist's rendition of the new look iPhone 4G in white and are eager to see how the lost next generation iPhone may look like in other colors, then here is another mockup of the new iPhone in 5 different colors.

More white iPhone rumors

Which one do you like?

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