Apple introduces new ‘Browse by Category’ collection in App Store

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 13 Jun 2014

Apple has added a new way to browse categories on the App Store instead of the selecting them from a text list.

You can now access the categories via a new card called “Browse by Category” on the App Store on both the Mac and iOS devices.

As you can see below, the Browse by Category card is now available in the featured section of both the desktop and iOS App Store. When you tap on the card, it provides cards for dozens of diverse categories like Books, Business, Catalogs, Education, Games etc. Here’s what Apple has to say about these categories:

To help you find apps that best fit your needs and interests, we’ve divided the App Store into dozens of diverse categories. Each one features carefully selected content updated continually by our editors.


It is certainly more touch-friendly than the traditional list view. However, discoverability have become an issue if Apple keeps moving the cards around. It also remains to be seen if it will be a permanent change or Apple is just experimenting with it.

Apple has been trying to roll out such tweaks to improve the discoverability of apps in the App Store, which has been one of the major issue of the App Store. iOS 8 also includes a number of improvements such as a new “Explore” tab, trending searches and related searches to improve discoverability of apps.

[via AppleInsider]