All the New Camera Features in iOS 12

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 26 Sep 2018

iOS 12 Memoji Camera View

iOS 12 brings brand new features to the camera. But it’s not in the Camera app. In iOS 12, you can now take selfies with your favorite Animoji character, use new cool filters, and even superimpose a huge Memoji character right on your face. But you won’t find any of these options in the Camera app itself. Instead, they’re in the Camera view in the Messages app. Here are all the new camera-related features in iOS 12.

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New Camera Features in iOS 12

1. Memoji Selfies

iOS 12 Memoji Sending

You can create your own Bitmoji -like character in iOS 12 and use it as an Animoji. But did you know that you can superimpose it on your face, and take selfies as your Memoji character? It’s true! This is the new feature in the Camera app inside iMessage.

In an iMessage conversation, tap on the Camera button. Then tap on the new Effects button. Here, you’ll see a new bar of apps you can use inside the camera view. Tap on the Animoji button and select your Memoji. And it will be overlaid on your face. In fact, you can select an Animoji here as well. Now you can put an animating Unicorn or Monkey face right on top of your face! What’s better is that the Animoji characters respond to your facial expressions.

It’s a real shame that these features aren’t available in the Camera app itself. I hope it happens in iOS 13. Until then you can just take a screenshot of the Camera view from the Messages app, crop just the image and then share it on any platform you want.

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2. New Awesome Filters

iOS 12 Memoji 4

Say goodbye to Snapchat and Prisma. There are some awesome new filters right inside the Camera app in Messages. After you tap on the Effects button, and select the Filters app. Now, switch between filters by swiping. My favorites are Comic Book and Dramatic.

3. Stickers, Text, and Doodles

iOS 12 Memoji 5

While you’re in the Effects view, tap on the Aa button to add text or the Doodle button to just draw directly on the photo. As you keep swiping through this apps list, you’ll notice that all of your iMessage apps are here. At least the ones that have sticker support. You can pick any sticker from a supported app and add it directly to the picture you just took.

4. QR Code Highlights

Talking about the actual Camera app, there are some improvements as to how QR Codes are scanned. You can 3D Touch the Camera icon to find a new Scan QR Code option. There’s a new QR control for Control Center too. Plus, when you scan a QR code in the Camera app, it will now be highlighted.

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5. Portrait Lighting Improvements

There are no new Portrait Lighting effects in iOS 12 (they might be exclusive to the new iPhone XS). But iOS 12 does improve the processing and lighting when it comes to capturing Portraits. Edge detection, especially in Stage Momo effect has been improved.

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Do You Use Third Party Camera Apps?

Do you exclusively use the Camera app on the iPhone? Have you tried using a third party app to capture images in RAW format? Share with us in the comments below.