New iPad vs. iPad 2: Boot up Time

BY Jason

Published 18 Mar 2012

new iPad

Apple’s new iPad comes with dual-core A5X chip with quad-core graphics. Initial benchmark results have shown that A5X chip is as fast as A5 chip, which powers iPad 2.

So how does Apple’s new A5X chip impact boot up time? To get an answer to that question Jeff Benjamin of iDB did a side-by-side comparison of the boot time on iPad 2 and the new iPad. He reports:

While the iPad 2 is certainly no slouch in the performance department, the new iPad — as expected — defeated it on boot up tests every time.

It took about 5-6 additional seconds before the iPad 2 was able to catch up with its big brother.

Our comparison tests have shown that 3rd generation iPad boots up 2-3 seconds faster than 2nd generation iPad.

While faster boot up time doesn’t matter when it comes to daily usage, it is always nice to know that your shiny new iPad is slightly faster than the older one.