Not Surprisingly, New iPad’s Ultrafast 4G LTE Connectivity is a ‘Speed Trap’

BY Jason

Published 21 Mar 2012

new iPad

Wall Street Journal reports that new iPad users are discovering that they’re burning through their monthly data limits quite quickly thanks to the ultrafast 4G LTE speeds.

WSJ reports that users are in a catch-22 situation:

“It’s kind of a Catch-22,” says Mr. Wells, a 31-year-old Web developer who decided to pony up for another gigabyte. “It streams really fast video, but by streaming really fast video you tend to watch more video, and that’s not always best.”

This doesn’t come as a major surprise to us. When we covered the network speed comparison test between the new iPad, iPad 2 and the original iPad, we had noted that the superfast 4G LTE speeds would take less time to burn through the data limits on the 4G LTE iPad.

Since you tend to stream more HD content over 4G LTE, the data consumption is a lot higher on the new iPad. As we have noted earlier, the data consumption will increase even more when websites add support for the new iPad’s Retina Display.

Carriers should relook at their data plans for the new 4G LTE iPad and ideally offer higher data limits.

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