Taller ‘iPhone 5’ Case With Smaller Dock Connector Surfaces

BY Rounak Jain

Published 19 Jul 2012

Cydia Blog points us to a product listing of a case for the rumored taller 4-inch iPhone 5 on TVC-Mall.com.

The case seems to be based on the next-gen iPhone schematics that leaked out around a month ago, incorporating the taller screen, and the 19-pin dock connector.

Keeping in mind that such cases, based on leaked “larger” iPhone blueprints, appeared in the market last year as well, the site also has a disclaimer put up:

As iPhone 5 has not been unveiled, we can’t guarantee this product can be used in iPhone 5. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer service representatives.

Case makers typically obtain schematics for products well in advance, unofficially of course, from their sources within the supply chain. Having cases available for purchase on launch day means less competition and more sales. It does, however, involve a huge risk since a large investment goes into producing such cases based on a design that isn’t official.

Here are a few images of the case (note the smaller dock connector, and the headphone jack hole at the bottom):



[Cydia Blog via MacRumors]