New MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar Escape Key is Bigger Than it Looks

BY Killian Bell

Published 14 Nov 2016

MacBook Pro escape key

A lot of people were upset with Apple for removing the physical escape key from the new MacBook Pro to make room for its fancy Touch Bar and Touch ID, but the company has taken some steps to ensure the virtual ESC key is easy to hit for touch typists.

In a video posted to Twitter, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber demonstrates that you don’t actually have to hit the escape key perfectly to trigger it. Tapping the empty space on its left side works, too — even if your fingertip makes no contact with the ESC key.

Apple obviously did this to make hitting the escape key easier when you’re typing quickly, or not looking down at the keyboard. But it makes us wonder why Apple didn’t just make the virtual escape key wider so that this is obvious to users.

Either way, it’s a neat feature that new MacBook Pro owners will surely find useful.

[via John Gruber, AppAdvice]