New photos of the red iPhone 5C surface

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 8 Aug 2013

The iPhone 5C, at least that’s what rumors suggest it’ll be called, will be Apple’s “cheap” iPhone. I put an emphasis on cheap because what’s affordable to you might not be affordable to someone else. In a world where you can get a highly capable Android smartphone from Huawei for $200, the thought of a “budget” $400 or $500 iPhone sounds ridiculous.

How exactly is Apple building this “cheap” iPhone? We have no clue as to the specs, but it’s obvious that the biggest change will be the device’s materials. Gone are glass and metal, they’ll be replaced with plastic. That decision comes with some pros and cons. The most obvious pro being you can make an iPhone any damn color you want. And as for cons, well … glass and metal phones rock.

We’ve seen photos of the iPhone 5C in various colors before, but now, thanks to Phone Arena, there are some crisp photos of the red model. We’re warning you, it’s gorgeous. Previous photos made the phone look more pink than anything else, but these new photos show the proper red.

When will Apple announce the iPhone 5C? We can only guess: Late September or early October.