Rumor: Apple Facing Difficulties In Manufacturing Batteries For Next Generation iPhone

BY Rounak Jain

Published 28 Jun 2012

According to Chinese website, one of Apple’s suppliers might be having issues in manufacturing batteries for the next iPhone that are of satisfactory quality.

The article on the Chinese website was discovered by Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, who shared the rumor with his clients in a research note.

AppleInsider, reporting on the note, writes:

White relayed details from the [Chinese] report, which suggested that only 30 percent of the battery volumes produced currently meet Apple’s standards.

The unnamed battery vendor is reportedly working to solve the problem as development of Apple’s next iPhone ramps up ahead of an anticipated release later this year.

White “trusts” Apple to tackle this problem and figure out a solution, such that the iPhone release schedule remains on track.

iphone rendering

While White maintains his September prediction for the launch of a new iPhone,, another Chinese website, expects Apple to unveil the next iPhone as soon as the last week of August.

The next generation iPhone is widely expected to support 4G LTE networks along with a larger screen, both of which will draw extra power. Apple can’t afford to loosen up even a bit on the battery, even though the larger screen would mean that they will be a able to fit a slightly larger battery.

It’s a little intriguing that Apple’s suppliers are having issues manufacturing batteries for the next generation iPhone (assuming the report is accurate). Does it mean that Apple is using some new battery technology for the next gen%ration iPhone?