President Trump Tweets that Apple Will Not Get Any Tariff Waiver for 2019 Mac Pro

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 26 Jul 2019

Earlier this week, it was reported that Apple is seeking tariff exclusion from the US government on the parts imported for the 2019 Mac Pro from China. Today, in a tweet, President Donald Trump made it clear that Apple will not be given any tariff waiver for Mac Pro parts.

He adds that Apple should get the parts made in the USA if he does not want any tariff on them. Apple assembled the 2013 Mac Pro at a factory in Texas. However, for the 2019 Mac Pro, the company has asked Quanta in China to manufacture the Mac Pro. This means that it would be subject to some tariff thanks to the current trade war between the U.S. and China.

Apple faced a number of issues while assembling the 2013 Mac Pro in the United States. So, it does make sense for the company to fall back to its reliable supply chain in China to produce the 2019 Mac Pro. As for the tariff waiver, the 2019 Mac Pro starts from $6,000 so even a 10% tariff on the total product price would end up being a significant amount. Filings from the company show that certain components of the Mac Pro would be subject to a 25% import duty.

Apple has only announced that the base Mac Pro will start from $6,000. If the company ends up paying hefty import duties for the 2019 Mac Pro, the final price tag of the machine is definitely going to reflect that.