Qualcomm Testing New X60 5G Modem with Speeds over 7.5Gbps, Likely to Be Used in iPhone 12

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 25 Feb 2020

Qualcomm was expected to unveil the new 5G modem at MWC. As we already know MWC was scrapped due to coronavirus. Qualcomm has finally shared the news that it is testing X60 5G modem which is capable of handling download speeds of up to 7.5Gbps.

Qualcomm announced that it is testing the X60 at an event called “What’s Next in 5G” held at San Diego. The company revealed that the latest 5G chip comes with a 5nm process and it supports download speeds of over 7.5Gbps and upload speed of 3GBps. The X50 is Qualcomm’s 3rd gen modem and was first unveiled last week.

2020 iPhones are expected to come with 5G. It is very likely that Apple will end up using Qualcomm X60 5G chip on the iPhone 12. It is also worth noting that X60 is the first 5G chip that supports mmWave and sub-6GHz spectrum aggregation. Typically, Apple goes for the best available hardware and X60 5G seems to fit the bill. Considering the volumes, Apple might even sign a deal that allows them to procure 5G tech on a priority basis.

Speaking about 5G, Apple is likely to design its own mmWave antenna modules. However, its engineers are also working on another design that uses Qualcomm modem and antenna modules. This second option could be used as a backup by the company in case its own antenna modules are not ready in time. Furthermore, the iPhone 12 is expected to feature a “phased array” antenna which includes two beamforming parts.

In the meantime, telecom carriers are introducing 5G services in different parts of the U.S. Recently, OpenSignals conducted a real-world 5G test and the results prove that the technology is still in its early stage.

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