Redditor’s Top 10 reasons to Jailbreak iOS 7; What are yours?

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 15 Jan 2014


It has been just over three weeks since evad3rs released evasi0n7, the much awaited jailbreak for iOS 7.

Since then Cydia developers have been working hard to release updated version of the their tweaks to add support for iOS 7 and 64-bit A7 devices like the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and Retina iPad mini.

While we’re still waiting for some of our favorite tweaks such as Zephyr, Springtomize 3 to be released for iOS 7 and iPhone 5s, a majority of them are now compatible with iOS 7 and iPhone 5s. We’ve also seen quite a few new tweaks that have enhanced the functionality of features like Control Center.

So it is a good time to take a look at the top reasons to jailbreak iOS 7. Redditor, textredditor, has given the following reasons for jailbreaking iOS 7:

1. Activator:

Activator is an awesome jailbreak tweak by Ryan Petrich that you probably already know about. For those who’re new to jailbreaking, Activator lets you assign various actions that get called when a certain event, selected by you, occurs. The trigger can be a gesture, a tap on a specific area, the press of a button, a change of charging state or a bunch of other options. The “actions” list is equally diverse, letting you launch apps, toggle settings and is extensible via tweaks on Cydia.

Petrich has added more functionality to Activator for iPhone 5s users by allowing users to use Touch ID for any activator action.


2. BlurPaper:

The jailbreak tweak blurs the Home screen and Lock screen wallpaper. You need to add the following repo to Cydia to install the tweak.


3. Flux

We’ve all been there – a notification arrives on your iPhone late at night, and the screen brightness nearly blinds you for the first few seconds after unlocking. F.lux aims to solve exactly this problem by adjusting the color of your iPhone’s display to better adapt to the time of the day.

4. FlipControlCenter

FlipControlCenter was one of the first jailbreak tweaks for Control Center. It lets you customize and add more toggles to Control Center. Check this post for more details.

5. CCHide

CCHide allows you to hide various sections of Control Center. It also allows you to hide playback controls in Control Center when music is not playing. Jailbreak tweaks such as CCQuick Pro and Cloaky that offer similar functionality and more.


6. IconTool

IconTool is a useful jailbreak tweak that lets you backup and restore app data, rename icons, clear badges and more.


7. iFile

iFile is a full-blown file manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which comes with tons of features such as compressing, deleting, viewing, copying, moving, renaming files and much more.


8. Messages Customiser

Messages Customiser as the name suggests lets you customize almost every aspect of the Messages app in iOS 7 such as change the color of the message bubbles, enable Contact photos and lots more.


9. SwipeSelection

SwipeSelection brings a cool new way to edit text in iOS using gestures.


10. VideoPane

VideoPane, developed by Ryan Petrich, is an awesome tweak that allows you to detach a video from most video players and bring it straight to your Springboard.  You’re then able to navigate your iPhone or iPad by opening and closing apps while the video still plays on top. It looks even better in iOS 7.


If you’re wondering how he has tweaked the appearance of the Home screen, then here’s the list of tweaks and themes:

  • Winterboard
  • M’flat iOS 7 Winterboard theme – Head over to this link for the installation instructions.
  • The Circular Connectivity Indicators tweak gives you the circular status indicators. You need to add the following repo to Cydia to install the tweak.
  • The name of the jailbreak tweak that makes the icons circular is Kiki, which can be installed from the following repo: (same as the previous one).
  • HomeScreenDesigner was used to create the 3×4 layout. You can apply 3×4 Textredditor 2014 layout in the Uploaded tab.
  • Cloaky was used to hide certain items in the Status bar.
  • Home screen Wallpaper – link
  • TransparentDock was used to remove blurred background from the iOS 7 dock.

These are some really cool reasons to jailbreak iOS 7, and I loved the way he has created gifs to show the functionality. Don’t forget to go to reddit, and vote for this awesome post.

Let me know what are your top reasons to jailbreak iOS 7.