Facebook is Rolling Out an All-New Messenger app for iPhone, Here’s a Look at What’s New

BY Asif Shaik

Published 2 Mar 2020

Facebook Messenger Redesign

The redesigned Facebook Messenger app is now rolling out to iOS, and the app is said to be twice as fast as the previous version and one-fourth the size compared to the earlier version. You can now download it from the App Store or update the older version on your iPhone.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced through his post on Facebook that his company is now rolling out the massively redesigned Facebook Messenger app to iOS, starting today. He claimed that the new version of the instant messaging app which is internally codenamed ‘LightSpeed’ is one-fourth the size and twice as fast compared to the previous version of the app.

The whole app is now divided into just two sections: stories and chat threads. Gone are those pesky chatbots and games. Advertisements are still there, though. Now, the app feels much faster and unintrusive. Plus, it supports two themes: light and dark. And you can set them to change as per the iPhone’s UI theme.

Facebook Messenger Redesign 2020

The new design has been created under the leadership of Stan Chudnovsky, who was the former head of Product at Facebook. Earlier, the cluttered app used to have a Discover tab, which consisted of games and chatbots.

While games were still a bit entertaining for those who wanted to play games with their friends, the chatbot section was purely Facebook’s push to earn more money from brands and advertisers. The chatbot section used artificial intelligence (AI) powered bots that allowed brands to push new content, new products, and AI-powered customer service. All of which failed after very few people used them.

The company’s Instant Games platform is still present on the web and in the main Facebook app, but it has been removed from the Messenger app. The Stories section has taken some inspiration from the company’s sister platform Instagram, which is a lot more people-focussed and allows users to see what’s happening in the lives of their friends.

The newly redesigned app was first revealed last year during the F8 developer’s conference where the company also revealed its plan to reduce clutter across all its platforms—Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp—and make them interoperable. The company had also revealed redesigned apps for Windows 10 and a Facebook Messenger app for macOS.

A redesign of the Facebook Messenger app, which was rolled out to iOS today, will also be released for Android devices in the coming months.

Our Take

We think that the new Facebook Messenger redesign is quite refreshing and pleasing to the eyes. It also feels much faster and it opens quickly, too, just as the company claims. The advertisements are still present, though, and we don’t think they’re going away.

What do you think about this new design? Would you miss games and chatbots (we think not)? What’s your choice of default messenger app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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