Report claims iPhone 6s will be slightly bigger and thicker due to Force Touch

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 17 Jun 2015

Force touch

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the next-generation iPhone — tentatively being called “iPhone 6s” — will be slightly bigger than the current generation iPhone due to the inclusion of Force Touch technology in the display.

Kuo pegs that the iPhone 6s will be wider and taller by 0.15mm than the iPhone 6, and thicker by 0.2mm. It is unclear if the iPhone 6s Plus will also see a similar increase in dimensions or not.

Previous reports and rumors have indicated that the iPhone 6s will come with a Force Touch capable display, so this is not the first time we are hearing the same thing. However, Kuo is the first to note that its inclusion will lead to the iPhone being slightly wider, taller and thicker.

Kuo also states in his note that Apple will be using the 7000 Series aluminium on the iPhone 6s. The company had used this material on the Apple Watch Steel edition first, and claims that it is 60 percent stronger than traditional aluminium used in most smartphones today. Apple will also be tweaking the color scheme for the next-generation iPhone, which will see the current gold color become yellow gold, while the space gray color will get a slightly darker shade.

Lastly, Kuo notes that Apple also intends to launch a rose gold colored iPhone this year corroborating previous rumors.

With so many reports and rumors claiming that the iPhone 6s will come with Force Touch, it is likely that the handsets will indeed come with the technology. Looking at how Force Touch adds a new dimension to the UI, it could become as unanimous as pinch-to-zoom gesture among smartphones and other touch devices eventually.

[Via Apple Insider]