Best Rugged cases for iPhone 6

BY Jason

Published 24 Sep 2014

If you keep dropping your iPhone from time to time, or work in extreme environment conditions where your iPhone could be exposed to dust, water or shock, then a rugged iPhone case can prove to be a good investment. Although the iPhone 6 comes with rubber gaskets around buttons to improve water and dust resistance, these rugged cases, these iPhone 6 cases below offer much better protection.

Otterbox Defender

Otterbox is known for making rugged cases for the iPhone, and the Defender is its ultra rugged case for the iPhone 6. The polycarbonate case will protect your iPhone from dirt, drops, scratches and slips. It comes with a screen protector, a belt-clip holster that also doubles up as a kickstand and a foam coating on the inside to ensure the impact from a shock is minimised.

The Otterbox Defender is available in 8 colors including black, grey, red, green and purple.

Buy Now: $49.95

otterbox iphone 6

Griffin Survivor Terrain

The Griffin Survivor Terrain is a rugged case for the iPhone 6 with 4 layers of protection that will protect the device from drops, dust, sand, rain, impacts, vibration, and other environmental factors. There’s an inner lining of foam, a shatter-resistant polycarbonate casing and shock-absorbing silicone. The case also comes with a belt-clip.

Griffin claims the case can help your iPhone survive drops from 2 meter drops on concrete.

➤ Buy Now: $44

griffin survivor iphone 6


The Supcase for iPhone 6 claims to be water resistant, and dust and shock proof. It has a dual layer polycarbonate and TPU casing, a screen protector, and interchangeable covers.

iphone 6 sup case

Buy Now: $19

Ballistic Hard Core

Ballistic’s Hard Core is a $60 rugged case that’ll protect your iPhone 6 against drop impacts. The case is made up of multiple layers, has a swivel belt-clip, a screen protector and can protect the device from up to 12 ft drop.

Buy Now: $60

ballistic hard core

Pelican ProGear Voyager

The Pelican ProGear Voyager protects the iPhone 6 against drops and sharp objects, thanks to a multi-layer polycarbonate casing and a scratch resistant screen protector. It has a slim design, which isn’t the norm with rugged cases. The case also has a rubber layer in the solid shell to insulate the iPhone 6 against drops and impacts. It has been successfully tested against military specifications.

It is available in 6 color options, including grey, white, black, green and pink.

➤ Buy Now: $50

pelican iphone 6

Pelican ProGear Protector

Pelican’s Protector case is $10 cheaper than the Voyager case, and is successfully tested against military specifications to survive multiple drops. Just like the Voyager, it has a rubber layer to absorb impacts from drops and shocks. It also has angled edges that keep the screen protected.

The Protector is available in black and white colors.

Buy Now: $40

pelican protector iphone 6

Spigen Tough Armor

The Tough Armor case is an iPhone 6 case by Spigen. It offers protection from drops, slips and scratches. The Tough Armor case also has an “S” variant that comes with a kickstand that supports resting your iPhone in two angles.

You can buy the Tough Armor, and the Tough Armor with Kickstand from the links below. The Tough Armor comes in black, gold, silver and gunmetal while the Tough Armor Kickstand comes in blue, mint and metal slate.

Buy Now: Tough Armor: $15.99

➤ Buy Now: Tough Armor with Kickstand: $24.99

spigen tough armor case

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