Rumor: Apple to launch 4-inch ‘iPhone 6c’ early next year with a ‘colorful metal body design’

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 1 Dec 2015


A report from a relatively unknown Chinese website TechWeb claims that the rumored 4-inch iPhone, being dubbed as the iPhone 6c, could launch as early as February 2016.

To keep its costs down, the handset will reportedly lack 3D Touch. The site cites multiple “Foxconn insiders” and claims that Apple will launch the iPhone 6c with a metal body design and offer it in various colors. In comparison, the iPhone 5c had a plastic polycarbonate shell, though it was also available in a multitude of colors.

Rumors about Apple releasing a 4-inch iPhone early next year have been repeatedly making their way to the Internet over the last few weeks. Previous reports have also claimed that the iPhone 6c will be made of metal, though given how even budget Android phones now feature a metallic build, it makes almost no sense for Apple to launch a premium mid-range handset with a plastic build.

It is recommended that you take these reports with a huge grain of salt, since they usually start popping out every year around this time. Do you think Apple plans on launching an iPhone 6c early next year?

[Source TechWeb, Via GforGames]