Samsung to Run This iPhone 5 Vs Galaxy S III Ad In Newspapers Tomorrow

BY Jason

Published 15 Sep 2012

Business Insider reports that Samsung is planning to run an ad in the newspapers tomorrow comparing Galaxy S III with iPhone 5, which was unveiled by Apple earlier in the week.

The newspaper ad with tag line “It doesn’t take a genius” compares iPhone 5 specs and features with Samsung’s Android-based Galaxy smartphone.

But as Steve Kovach of Business Insider points out, Samsung seems to have listed down software features such as ShareShot, tilt to zoom, shake to update etc. and conveniently left out iOS features.

Kovach says “it seems dishonest of Samsung to leave out a lot of great things the iPhone 5 can do.” But it doesn’t come as a surprise to us as it typically happens with a competitive chart that is not designed by a third-party.

Samsung is also shooting a commercial to poke fun at Apple fans, complete with a fake Apple Store featuring iOS devices and Macs.

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[via Business Insider]