Ahead of Healthbook debut, Samsung launches its own cloud based health platform

BY Jason

Published 28 May 2014

sami samsung

Apple is widely rumored to release a new app in iOS 8 called Healthbook that will keep track of your health and fitness by organizing data from variety of sensors and apps into a Passbook-like card based interface. Not to be left behind, Samsung today announced Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions (SAMI), its cloud-based sensor data platform.

MacRumors reports:

Samsung has announced its own health tracking platform that envelops both open modular hardware and a cloud storage solution.

Called SAMI (Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions), the company’s cloud-based sensor data platform is designed to be entirely open to developers and “complementary” with Samsung’s S Health initiative.

Samsung also unveiled Simband, a wearable device that serves as a reference for other wearable hardware developers who want to build on top of the SAMI platform. The Simband includes sensors to measure heart rate and oxygen levels, but could also be expanded with additional sensors to capture more types of data. Some of the sensors Samsung is experimenting with have the ability to test your blood glucose, and also let you know what’s in the air around you.


Samsung’s larger aim with these two unfinished offerings is to eventually have a way to know much more about your body than you currently do by using new types of sensors, and new algorithms to make sense of the data that is collected. For this, the company has announced the Samsung Digital Health Challenge, a $50 million program to invest in health startups.