Samsung Said to Ship 40 Million OLED Panels to Apple Ahead of 2017 iPhone Launch

BY Evan Selleck

Published 29 Jun 2016

iPhone 8 with curved AMOLED display

Samsung is already one of the leaders when it comes to OLED panels, thanks to a long line of devices that use the technology in smartphones from varying manufacturers.

And according to a new report from DigiTimes Research, that leads isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The report states that Samsung is expecting to ship upwards of 40 million OLED panels specifically to Apple in the next year, ahead of the oft-rumored launch of the 2017 iPhone, which is said to feature an all-glass design and an OLED display.

This new report would seem to line up with an earlier report, outlining that Samsung and the Foxconn-owned Sharp are ramping up production plans for OLED panels in the coming months, with a major focus of that ramp up being in support of the 2017 iPhone.

At this point, the inclusion of an OLED panel in a future iPhone is a foregone conclusion to many, as several different reports and rumors suggest the switch in displays. Apple traditionally uses LCD panels in its iPhone lineup, but it does use an OLED panel in the Apple Watch, so the company is obviously open to the idea of using the technology. What’s more, a Dark Mode found within the early iOS 10 betas indicate more than just a passing consideration of switching to the display technology.

Are you hoping Apple switches to an OLED panel?

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