Best places to sell your used iPad for the most money

BY Jason

Published 30 Oct 2013


The iPad Air will be going on sale in a couple of days, and the Retina iPad mini follow soon after, and if you plan to buy any of these devices, here are a few places you can sell or trade-in your old iPad, so that you can use the extra cash towards your new iPad purchase.

NextWorth and Gazelle

NextWorth and Gazelle are the two most popular websites that exclusively deal with purchasing used gadgets. Although the two sites might not offer you the best resale price, they offer you a lot of convenience by letting you ship your iPad for free and as an added advantage they even erase all personal data from the device. Another benefit of their trade-in program is that they let you lock-in your price 30 days in advance, so you don’t have to part with your iPad right away, which is great if you plan on buying the not-as-yet available Retina iPad mini.

You can get up to $255 for your 16GB WiFi-only iPad 4 from these websites, with higher end models fetching even more.


You can sell your iPad directly to buyers on eBay, but you’ll have to make sure it’s in a good condition to convince the buyer to pay a good price. This means that it’s desirable to have the box and the accompanying accessories along with the device itself. A used Wi-Fi only 16GB iPad 4 can fetch around $350 – $400 on eBay while a used iPad mini can fetch anywhere between $200 to $300.


You could also use Craigslist to sell your iPad for a higher price than the other options listed here, but this option, like eBay, won’t guarantee your iPad is sold immediately.

Apple Reuse and Recycle

Apple has its own trade-in program that lets you sell your old Apple products in exchange for Apple gift cards. You can get up to $291 for your old Wi-Fi only 16GB iPad 4, with Apple taking care of shipping and packaging.


Amazon offers great resale value for your used iPads, the catch being that you’d be paid in gift cards rather than cash. You can get $252 in Amazon credits for your 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad 4, and up to $198 for your 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad mini.


Popular electronic retail store RadioShack also offers a trade-in program for used gadgets. In addition to an option of shipping the device to RadioShack for free, the store also lets you walk into a store and trade-in your iPad. You could then redeem the the value of your used product in another purchase in a RadioShack store.

We’ve created a handy table, listing out the prices available for base models of the iPad 4 and iPad mini through these trade-in programs.

Amazon eBay RadioShack Gazelle Apple
16GB iPad 4 Wi-Fi $252 $350 to $400 $225 $230 $291
16GB iPad mini Wi-Fi $198 $200 to $300 $150 $170 $155

Note: All the prices shown in the chart assume that your device functions properly, and doesn’t have scratches or any other cosmetic blemishes. In case your device is damaged, the prices would be less that what are shown.

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