Shazam – Song Recognition App for the iPhone [iPhone Apps Review]

BY Jason

Published 27 Jul 2008

Native iPhone App - Shazam

If you loved Erica Sadun’s unofficial native iPhone app "Listen" then you are going to love the iPhone App, Shazam, available via iTunes App Store.

Shazam is a song recognition application for the iPhone.

You can checkout the details of the iPhone app after the jump.

Have you ever liked a song on the radio only to feel helpless that you cannot find out what song it is?

You won’t have to feel helpless anymore if you have "Shazam" installed on your iPhone as all you need to do is put your iPhone near the music and Viola! The iPhone app will display the details of the song, the artist, the title and album art (after a few seconds).

As mentioned earlier, Erica Sadun had developed a similar application for the hacked iPhone running on iPhone firmware 1.x.

Here is how I suppose Shazam works:

When you tap the button "tag now", it records the song and uploads the audio to their servers for pattern recognition.

On the server side, they use a patented proprietary pattern recognition technology that can identify recorded audio (even under noisy conditions) by matching the pattern through music information database (they apparently use Europe’s largest music information database which has over 3,200,000 music tracks, metadata and cover art).

After identifying a match, the information of the song such as the artist, the title and album art are sent back and displayed on your iPhone.

You also have buttons to buy the song from the iTunes store and watch the song’s YouTube video if its available. Isn’t it that very cool?

You will also see the list of all the songs you have tagged when you launch Shazam again.

Shazam can be downloaded via iTunes App Store for free (iTunes link here). They seem to make money by selling you the song.

This in one of the coolest iPhone apps available via the App Store, and it works exactly as advertised.

Michael, one of our readers, had raised a concern (raised here) about Shazam uploading the audio snippet to their servers without permission for pattern recognition. Therefore, please be aware of it before you try this iPhone App.

Another point to note is that Shazam is not available is all countries so if you don’t find the app in the App Store, you should know the reason. It is currently available in:
Austria, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand.

You can checkout the YouTube video of Shazam in action below courtesy stuffmagazine:

As always it will be great to know your feedback on Shazam in the comments.


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