Siri Now Used Actively On Over Half a Billion Devices

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 24 Jan 2018

Earlier today, Apple announced that the HomePod will go up for pre-order this Friday and release on February 9. The press release also revealed some new features of the HomePod and the delayed release of multi-room audio and stereo support.

Apple also quietly mentioned in the press release that Siri is now used on more than 500 million devices out there. Last time Apple had revealed such a number was at WWDC 2017 where it mentioned that its voice assistant was used in over 375 million devices per month.

The release of HomePod is not going to boost the monthly active number of Siri users by a huge margin. This is due to the high price of the speaker itself and its limited availability.

Apple introduced some major new changes to Siri with iOS 11 and the company is expected to further continue that trend with iOS 12 this year. While improvements to Siri in iOS 11 help make it more personal in nature, Apple’s virtual assistant is still a fair bit behind Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa in terms of features and functionality. In fact, Apple added a feature as basic as checking the news to Siri with the recently released iOS 11.2.5. It has also made plenty of other improvements to its voice assistant especially for HomePod by adding support for commands like “Who’s singing?” and “Play more like that.”

No wonder then that Apple is promoting the HomePod’s music quality more than its Siri-powered assistant capabilities.

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