Slack Updates Desktop App for macOS and Windows to Make It 33% Faster, Consume 50% Less Memory

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 22 Jul 2019

Slack is arguably one of the most popular collaborative tools for teams of all sizes. Slack has helped distributed teams work together with minimum lag and downtime. Now, the company has announced a significant update to its desktop client. The Slack update promises 33% faster launch time, 10x faster launch of VoIP calls and half the memory usage.

Slack has rewritten their codebase from scratch and has worked towards making it significantly faster than the legacy app. Furthermore, Slack has also fixed connectivity niggles and added a new feature that allows users to view opened channels and conversations without internet connectivity. The updated Slack will make it faster and relatively easier to run apps and bots within the platform.

Slack recently went public and is currently trading on the New York Stock Exchange as WORK. The app has more than 10 million daily active users and more than 88,000 paid customers as of January this year. The company has been rolling out incremental updates from the new codebase.

This new version of Slack has been a long time coming, and it features the contributions of dozens of people who have been working through the last two years to roll it out seamlessly to customers. The key to its success is the incremental release strategy that we adopted early on in the project: as code was modernized and features were rebuilt, we released them to our customers.- Slack

Our Take

We use Slack to fuel our day to day operations at iPhoneHacks. I have been using Slack for more than five years and in the recent past, the app did suffer from a myriad of issues. The connectivity issues raised their ugly head when my iPhone switched to 3G network and similar issues surfaced on my Mac as well.

It is good to see that Slack has moved beyond the legacy version. Hopefully, the update should help us collaborate better and improve the user experience.

[via Slack]