Slack’s Latest Major Update Brings New Navigation Bar, Custom Sidebar, Improved Shortcuts, More

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 18 Mar 2020

Collaborative Hub, Slack is treated to an update that brings a new navigation bar, customizable sidebar, improved shortcuts, drag and drop option for channel and much more. The rollout starts today and will take place across next several weeks.

Slack is being used by small and large businesses across the world. Last year Slack added an update for Night Mode. The company claims that an average paid user spends as much as 9-hours a day connected to Slack and this includes 90 minutes of active use. According to Slack’s blog post, the update will make it much easier to use the collaborative tool. The list of new features include

  • Navigate channels and search across your organization with a new navigation bar
  • Discover key conversations, files, apps and more—all at the top of your sidebar
  • Start a message from anywhere with a handy new compose button
  • Organize channels, messages, and apps into custom, collapsible sections (you know, like folders)
  • Take swift action with your apps through shortcuts. Hasta la vista, context switching.

Ease of use

The new navigation bar lets you toggle between your recent conversation and search Slack without requiring keyboard shortcuts. Furthermore, key information like reactions to your messages, people, files now appears on the Sidebar. Meanwhile, the newly added compose button will help you start a conversation and add the recipients at a later point in time.

Customizable Sidebars

Typically most of us are part of more than one Slack channel. Some of the channels are very important to our work while others don’t require our regular attention. With the update, you can customize the sidebar to suit your needs and priorities. You can also group conversation, channels under a label.

Easily Accessible Essential tools

Slack allows users to integrate essential tools without having to open multiple tabs or windows. The update adds a lightning bolt button in the message input field. All you need to do is click on the button and select the preferred tool. For instance, you can choose Simple Poll to take decisions collectively, or use Freshdesk to create a customer support ticket.

Do you feel the new features make Slack easier to use? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[via Slack]