Spotify now has 100 Million Active Users Every Month

BY Evan Selleck

Published 20 Jun 2016


There are milestones that companies strive for, and there’s certainly no doubt that 100 million of anything is one of them.

For Spotify, that’s one more milestone the streaming service can check off its list. According to a report from The Telegraph, Spotify has confirmed that it now has 100 million monthly active users. That means Spotify is the first music streaming platform to do so, but it doesn’t mean that it can rest on its laurels, either.

Even before the announcement of Apple Music, word had it that Apple’s goal was to secure 100 million paid subscribers, and the company is certainly making steps towards that goal. In April of this year, the company confirmed it had 13 million paid subscribers, but that number has jumped up to 15 million paid subscribers since then.

To compare, three months ago Spotify confirmed it had 30 million paid subscribers, which equals out to be about 10 million paid subscribers being added every year. Considering Spotify is Apple Music’s biggest competitor, it will be interesting to see what happens in the future, and see if Apple Music’s subscriber adoption continues at its quick pace to catch up with the leader.

The upcoming redesign for Apple Music could help with that, considering the service is getting a widespread visual overhaul, with new lyrics integration, and quite a few other changes that will become available to the public later this year with the launch of iOS 10.

[via The Telegraph]