Survey Shows Amazon is Dominating Smart Speaker Market; Apple HomePod in the Top 10

BY Evan Selleck

Published 22 Oct 2018

There are a lot of smart speaker options out there, with the market getting even more crowded as the days go by. But one thing remains true even as 2018 starts to wind down: Amazon is leading the charge in the home.

A survey conducted by Strategy Analytics in July and August of this year saw input from 1,011 users, and shows that Amazon is still leading the charge for the smart speaker market in the United States. The company holds the first and second place spots, and then manages to rake in the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth spots for good measure. Google is interspersed there at the top, taking the third and fourth spots, while the Apple HomePod –Apple’s first smart speaker effort– comes in at ninth. Google’s most expensive smart speaker takes the tenth slot.

Here’s how it breaks down, according to SA’s latest survey on the matter:

  • Amazon Echo: 23%
  • Amazon Echo Dot: 21%
  • Google Home: 8%
  • Google Home Mini: 7%
  • Amazon Echo Plus: 5%
  • Amazon Echo Spot: 4%
  • Amazon Echo Show: 4%
  • Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition: 4%
  • Apple HomePod: 4%
  • Google Home Max: 2%

Now, if we wanted to be nit-picky here we could say that the HomePod isn’t in ninth place, but rather is tied with the Echo Spot and Echo Show for sixth place, but it’s a top ten list for the smart speaker market and Apple’s right there in ninth.

Interestingly enough, though, the survey shows that customers are looking for “high quality audio, superior design and device compatibility”, and if they can find that in “alternative brands” from Amazon and Google they are ready and willing to switch. That makes it sound like folks adopted smart speakers right out of the gate and went with what was available at the time (Amazon and Google leading this charge in a big way), but as additional companies start deploying their own options, brand loyalty might not be a thing moving forward.

The survey asked folks to choose a brand as their next smart speaker of choice, and 54% came back saying they’d choose Amazon, Google, or Apple — which, as noted by the subsequent report, indicates that the smart speaker market is still wide open, and other companies can definitely still offer up a worthwhile product that grabs potential customer attention.

The smart speaker market is busy, and it’s not slowing down. Apple apparently has a better handle on things for devices that cost $200 or more, with a recent report indicating Apple has 70 percent of that market. But word on the street is that the company is planning on launching a cheaper HomePod product at some point in the future, which will only give customers even more options to fill their houses with Apple’s smart speaker effort.

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