T-Mobile Announces ‘Digits’ to Unlock Your Phone Number From One Phone

BY Evan Selleck

Published 7 Dec 2016

The Un-carrier made another announcement this morning, this time hoping to free you from multiple devices and numbers.

T-Mobile officially announced a new feature called “Digits,” which will work like AT&T’s NumberSync and even Google Voice. With it, T-Mobile customers will be able to link up their different phone numbers, say one for personal use and one for work use, to just a single device. So if someone forgets their work phone at home, they can still receive that device’s phone calls and texts.

“DIGITS is a simple, no-fuss breakthrough technology that lets you call and text from your number across multiple devices, and call and text from multiple numbers on one device. DIGITS is your real phone number, but it can do so much more.”

Out of the gate, Digits is built into some Samsung-branded Android devices, including the Galaxy S6 and later, but on iOS it will be available through a specialized app. It will also be available on Macs as well, which will work through the browser — as long as you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

There’s a beta for T-Mobile ONE and Simple Choice customers beginning today, and you con sign up right here. It’s free now, but when the service launches to the public in early 2017, there will be a monthly fee attached.

[via T-Mobile Digits]