Tim Cook: Financing iPhone X Costs Less Than a Coffee a Day

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 3 Nov 2017

The iPhone X is no doubt an expensive smartphone with a starting price tag of $999 in the United States. In other countries like India, the handset is even more expensive with a price tag of $1,390 which goes all the way up to $1,595.

As per Apple’s CEO Tim Cook though, the cost of an iPhone X on a monthly contract can be as low as one cup of coffee per day. U.S. carriers are offering financing plans for the iPhone X for as low as $33/month.

“It’s less than a coffee a day at one of these nice coffee places.” – Tim Cook

By nice places, Cook is obviously referring to the likes of Starbucks where a decent cup of coffee can run you anywhere between $4.99 to $6.99.

You can further lower the blow caused by the iPhone X to your pocket by trading in your existing smartphone. If you own an iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, or a recent Android flagship, you can easily get up to $300 in trade-in credit over 24 months.

Cook justified the price of the iPhone X by saying that the company is only “trying to price it for what we’re delivering. Phone X has a lot of great new technologies in there that are leading the industry.”

The CEO is obviously referring to the Face ID module on the iPhone X which Android OEMs will end up taking 2.5 years to develop. A teardown of the device also revealed its stacked PCB which is a huge engineering feat on its own.

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