Tim Cook Says EU’s Tax Ruling against Apple Is ‘Total Political Crap’

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 1 Sep 2016

Tim Cook concerned

In an interview with Irish radio show host Paschal Sheehy, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook called the EU’s order to Apple to pay $14.5 billion in back taxes as “total political crap.”

The CEO says that EU’s allegations that Apple paid just 0.005% tax in Ireland in 2014 is “total political crap.” The company actually paid $400 million in taxes that year with a statutory tax rate of 12.5%, which makes it among the highest taxpayer in the country.

“It’s total political crap,” Cook said. “They just picked a number from I don’t know where. In the year that the commission says we paid that tax figure, we actually paid $400m. We believe that makes us the highest taxpayer in Ireland that year.”

Despite the allegations from EU, Tim Cook says that the company will move forward with its expansion plans in Cork, Ireland. He says that the company has been in Ireland for the last 37 years and this relationship means something to them. The Cupertino company plans on building a huge data center in Ireland over the next decade.

Apple plans on appealing against the EU’s decision, and the CEO hopes the Irish government will also do the same. The Irish government is currently split on whether it would be appealing against the EU’s decision or not.

Cook also revealed in the interview that Apple paid 26.1% income tax globally. A figure that some might argue is low, while others will support it. However, the CEO things that the whole tax system needs to be reformed to make it “simple and straightforward.”

[Via The Guardian]