Top 6 reasons to upgrade to the iPad Pro

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 8 Nov 2015

iPad Pro - heroApple unveiled the long-rumored iPad Pro in September and is expected to start selling the tablet in stores and online beginning November 11th. With the launch right around the corner, you may be looking at your older iPad and wondering if you should upgrade to Apple’s newest model. Below you will find six reasons why you should upgrade and one compelling reason why you shouldn’t.

#1 It’s the fastest and most powerful iPad to date

With the new A9X processor, the iPad Pro is a powerhouse of a machine that’s designed to compete with desktops. Apple has achieved the unachievable — the company has increased the processing power and improved the graphics performance without any significant impact on battery life, which remains at 10 hours under normal steady usage.

#2 The screen size is perfect for media and gaming

If you watch a lot of movies on your iPad or use it to play games, then you will instantly fall in love with the iPad Pro and its big, gorgeous display.

#3 You can type, edit, draw, play and more without skipping a beat

The iPad Pro is meant to be your go to device when you are not using your Mac. It has the power to handle anything you throw at it and is sized perfectly for media editing, drawing and other similar activities that benefit from a larger screen.

#4 It has a stylus — a smart stylus

The iPad Pro ships with an optional stylus that will cost $99 when it goes on sale next week. Packed with pressure sensitive sensors and tilt sensors, the Apple Pencil will transform how you interact with a tablet, allowing you to take notes as well as create complex drawings on the large-screened device.

#5 It looks great on your coffee table

We are not advocating buying the iPad Pro just to put in on your coffee table as a showpiece, but you have to admit that the over-sized iPad is especially suited for people who primarily use their iPad at home. Whether you are sitting at your desk or lounging on the couch, the iPad Pro is an excellent companion

#6 Business as usual

With the stylus and keyboard, the iPad Pro becomes the businessman’s best travel companion. It’s smaller than a MacBook Pro, yet bigger than an iPad, making it perfect for working on the go.

Why you shouldn’t upgrade

If you are happy with the size and performance of your existing iPad, then you should hold off on upgrading. The iPad Pro may be powerful and striking to look at it, but its larger size may be hindrance to users who are accustomed to the smaller size of the iPad Air versions and iPad mini models.

Are you going to upgrade?

What are you upgrade plans? Do you intend to purchase an iPad Pro in the coming weeks? Or will you stick with your existing iPad? If you don’t own and iPad, will the Pro convince you to adopt the tablet form factor? Let us know in the comments.