Toshiba unveils the TransferJet wireless file transfer dongle made specifically for iOS devices

BY Evan Selleck

Published 5 Jan 2015

image Toshiba TransferJet

On Monday, January 5, Toshiba officially unveiled a brand new wireless file transfer device by way of the Consumer Electronics Show happening in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Toshiba has unveiled the wireless file transfer dongle called the TransferJet, and it’s designed specifically for iOS devices. Thanks to the Lightning connector, the new TJM3542OLT TransferJet dongle can easily connect to an iPad, iPod touch and/or iPhone. With the dongle, users can wireless transfer files to other compatible devices courtesy of Sony’s close proximity wireless transfer technology.

The caveat with the device is that it works only in ridiculously close proximity of a compatible device — 3cm or less, but does offer data transfer speeds up to 375Mbps. According to Toshiba, that means a 100 MB file can be transferred to another device in about three seconds.

The dongle can transfer files through the iOS app, and compatible devices include some CyberShot digital cameras, some VAIO computers, and other devices. As well as other iOS devices with the dongle connected.

As far as a release date goes, Toshiba is planning on launching the dongle in the Spring of 2015, first in Japan, with other countries, including Europe and the Americas, soon after. While the release doesn’t specifically state a price, a Toshiba representative has informed Macworld that the dongle could be priced between $33 and $41.

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