TouchFree – GUI based Tool to JailBreak iPhone Firmware v1.1.2 Released

BY Jason

Published 12 Nov 2007


Conceited Software has just released an updated version of TouchFree, a GUI based tool to JailBreak the latest iPhone firmware v1.1.2.

It hasn’t taken too much time for the iPhone hacking geniuses to release a JailBreaking method for iPhone firmware v1.1.1.

However, there is a catch to JailBreak firmware v1.1.2 with TouchFree, find all the details of the Jailbreak for iPhone firmware v1.1.2 after the jump.

When TouchFree was first released, it was a GUI based tool primarily developed for iPod Touch but could also be used to jailbreak iPhone v1.1.1 and also install Installer app on your iPhone.

Conceited Software has just released an updated version of "TouchFree" GUI based to Jailbreak the latest iPhone firmware v1.1.2 and now works on Windows as well as both Mac (though Intel-based only).

However, the catch here is that for it to work you need to first run OktoPrep on iPhone v1.1.1 and then upgrade to 1.1.2. The entire JailBreaking process takes approximatley 10 minutes and as per Erica Sudan retrieves data off your iPhone or iPod Touch, upgrades it with the JailBreak, also installs the cool and and reloads it back to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

So for it to work you will first need to have your iPhone or iPod Touch running on firmware v1.1.1 and Jailbroken with installed so that you can install OktoPrep which is available via the Installer App.

If you have in UK and Germany and got hold of an iPhone and iPod Touch with firmware v1.1.2 then the only option available for you currently would be to downgrade to firmware v1.1.1, instructions for which is available in the readme.txt file as well as available at the link. As I had mentioned yesterday, the downgrading procedure is only for the technically inclined.

I would recommend that you avoid this one for the time being as it is still early days and you are better off waiting for a jailbreaking method which worked on firmware v1.1.2 like AppSnapp worked with iPhone firmware v1.1.1 rather than downgrading to v1.1.1.

If your iPhone is bricked after upgrading to latest firmware and have nothing to lose, then you could download the latest version of TouchFree at this link and give it a shot (at your own risk).

[via Tuaw]

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