TSMC’s A9 chip is outperforming Samsung’s in iPhone 6s battery benchmarks

BY Evan Selleck

Published 7 Oct 2015


At the tail-end of September, it was discovered that Apple’s A9 chip actually came in two sizes, with Samsung’s being a bit smaller than the one manufactured by TSMC.

Soon after, a developer put together a quick way for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners to determine which processor was installed in their phone, while at the same time discovering that the size of the chip didn’t necessarily determine which iPhone model it was placed in. It was also reported that while there could be small differences in performance between the chips, that likely wasn’t the case.

iPhone 6s battery test2

However, while the performance bit may still be true, it turns out that battery life could be heavily impacted based on the chip manufacturer. As originally reported by Engadget, and sourcing several different user-performed benchmarks of their iPhone models from Reddit and MacRumors, it turns out that the TSMC-equipped models could be getting more battery life.

iPhone 6s battery life1

Up to two hours more, based on the report. That data was put together by a Reddit poster, who tested the battery through Geekbench 3. The results, as indicated in the images included in this report, show that the TSMC A9 lasts almost two hours longer than the Samsung produced model.

“Ran this test a couple times and results were consistent. Always about a 2 hour difference in duration. Both phones were tested using the same backup, same settings. Also tried testing them as new phones and results were similar.”

That’s quite a leap if the reports are indicating a general consensus, but it is worth noting that the data points are small at this point.

[via Engadget]