Uber Removing Privacy Feature Which Tracked User Location for up to 5 Minutes After a Trip

BY Chethan Rao

Published 29 Aug 2017

Uber Privacy

Uber has been through a tumultuous time over the past one year or so. With the #DeleteUber campaign going viral last year, and with the ousting of company CEO Travis Kalanick a couple of months ago, things have been far from steady. The company has now announced the removal of a security oriented feature which tracks a user’s location data for up to five minutes after a trip has been completed.

This feature made its way to the app late last year and has seen a handful of critics. Keeping this in mind, the company had no option but to remove it altogether. The iOS version of the app will be updated with the changes later this week, with Android users getting it later.

Uber chief security officer, Joe Sullivan has mentioned that Uber didn’t make the benefits of this feature clear enough for the users, thus resulting in confusion. He claims the company will make this an opt-in feature if it is implemented again. He also talked about further changes being made to privacy and transparency at Uber. The company recently added some crucial features to improve communication between the driver and the passenger.

Uber was hit massively by the Delete Uber campaign after the company decided to turn off surge prices during a Taxi Workers’ Alliance protest in New York last year. This was followed by allegations of sexual harassment at work, which led to the firing of multiple employees. Uber has a lot on its plate right now, and it surely cannot afford another controversy.

[Via Reuters]