You Need to Use Apple’s Special Polishing Cloth to Clean the Nano-Texture Pro Display XDR

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 11 Dec 2019

If you are planning to buy the Pro Display XDR with the optional nano-texture glass, you are going to have to be careful with how you clean it.

The nano-texture glass is basically a matte finish that helps cut down on reflection and glare. As per Apple, the optional nano-texture has been “etched into the glass at the nanometer level” thereby helping the display maintain its contrast despite the coating.

It is this special glass coating due to which the Pro Display XDR with the nano-texture glass is more expensive than the regular variant. While the base model can be purchased for $4,999, the nano-texture glass costs an additional $1,000 extra and is priced at $5,999.

This special glass, however, requires that it is cleaned with a dry polishing cloth that Apple bundles with the Pro Display XDR. Apple’s support document also makes it clear that one must not use water or any other kind of liquid to clean the glass. In case you ever lose the polishing cloth, Apple recommends you to contact its support for a replacement.

You have to be careful in how you clean the polishing cloth as well. You need to hand wash it with dish soap and water and then let it air dry for 24 hours.

At the moment, it is unclear as to what exactly makes the polishing cloth so special and why one cannot use a regular micro-fiber cloth to clean the nano-texture glass of the Pro Display XDR.

If you go with the regular Pro Display XDR, you can clean it either with the polishing cloth it came with or any other clean, dry microfiber cloth. Apple even recommends adding a small amount of water to the cloth for cleaning smudges and fingerprints from the display.

[Via MacRumors]