Users report that activating iCloud Music Library in Apple Music results in lost data

BY Killian Bell

Published 3 Jul 2015

iCloud Music Library settings in Apple Music

Some users have found that their existing iCloud Music Library has been deleted after activating the feature inside Apple Music. Playlists are vanishing across all devices, while others report duplicated songs, incorrect metadata, and other issues.

When activating Apple Music for the first time, users are asked whether they wish to take advantage of iCloud Music Library. The feature not only lets you sync playlists across all your Apple devices, but is also used for things like offline caching and remote streaming.

Most people will want to use iCloud Music Library with Apple Music, then, but many have found that doing so has frustrating consequences.

“For at least some users… turning the option on may not only delete local playlists but cause the songs that were in them to vanish. Syncing changes can potentially wipe out files and playlists across devices,” explains AppleInsider.

In other cases, activating iCloud Music Library in Apple Music can result in bad metadata and artwork in your library, duplicate tracks in your playlists, and the reappearance of tracks that were previously deleted from iTunes Match.

Blogger Kirk McElhearn has also discovered that Apple appears to be replacing uploaded files with those stored on its servers, so users end up with a copy-protected version (with DRM) when they download the file again — as opposed to their unprotected original.

The only fix at this point involves finding an earlier ITL (iTunes library) file on your computer, dragging it into the iTunes folder, and then renaming the newer, corrupt file so that the older one is restored when iTunes is restarted.

But if you use iCloud Music Library and you don’t want to risk lose your data, it may be a good idea to leave the disabled in Apple Music altogether until Apple has fixed these issues.