iPhone 5 Won’t Support Simultaneous Voice And Data On Verizon [Updated]

BY Jason

Published 13 Sep 2012

Verizon iPhone 5

iPhone 5 supports faster 4G LTE networks, but it looks like it won’t support simultaneous voice and data on some carriers.

The Verge reports that Verizon has clarified that iPhone 5 customers won’t be able to surf the web while on a call even when they’re connected to LTE. 

It has been one of the limitations of Verizon’s CDMA based 3G network, but we were expecting the feature to be available on Apple’s new LTE iPhone.

The Verge has received the following statement from Verizon:

The iPhone 5 was designed to allow customers to place a voice call on the Verizon Wireless network, while letting customers access the Internet over the WiFi.

AT&T has confirmed that the feature will work on their HSPA+ or LTE network (though iPhone 5 will not be able to use LTE speeds while on a call).

The Verge notes that other LTE phones that Verizon offers, supports simultaneous voice and data when connected to LTE.

Since the same iPhone 5 model is also going to be offered by Sprint, it is probably safe to assume that iPhone 5 won’t support simultaneous voice and data on Sprint as well.


Here’s the reason why iPhone 5 work support simultaneous voice and data on Verizon or Sprint.

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